Hyer Elementary

Read On HYER

February 3 - February 17


This event is no longer active. Please contact your school or submit a support ticket using the "Click For Help" button on the bottom of this page.

Welcome to Hyer Elementary's Read On HYER page. We are raising money for teacher salaries, staff professional development & graduate coursework, technology, enrichment programs like Spanish, the Learning Garden, One School One Book, and school operating expenses.

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Leader Board



Reading-Themed Pencil

1 Requests

Register on the PledgeStar site and send out your first pledge request to receive a reading themed pencil!

Personal Popcorn Bucket and Popcorn


Raise $100 in pledges to receive a personal popcorn bucket and popcorn!

Color-Changing Hyer Cup


Raise $175 in pledges to receive a color changing Read on Hyer cup!

Keychain LED Flashlight


Raise $250 in pledges to receive a keychain LED flashlight!

Hot Chocolate Cart Visit!


Raise $500 in pledges and get to visit the hot chocolate cart!

Make Ice Cream Sundaes


Raise $1,000 in pledges, then you and a friend will get to make ice cream sundaes!

VIP Reading Rewards

Students will need to read a number of 15 minute sessions, according to their grade level, to qualify for VIP Reader status; 30 for Kindergarten, 32 for 1st Grade, 36 for 2nd Grade, 40 for 3rd Grade and 44 for 4th Grade. The rewards include a treat from the Concession Stand, a VIP Swag Bag including several fun school coupons, and student’s photo on library VIP Reader wall!

Super VIP Reader Prizes

The 5 students from each grade with the most overall home reading sessions recorded online by Thursday, February 17th at 10pm will enjoy all the great VIP Rewards, plus a Super VIP Reader surprise and special recognition at the All School Celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd!

Mimi's Pizza Lunch

The single class with the most reading sessions and the single class with the most pledges will get to have a pizza lunch donated by Mimi's Pizza!

Extra Recess

The class in each grade with the most pledges, the class with the most reading sessions, and any class that raises $3,500 in pledges will get extra recess on the Hyer playground!